Give Your Fitness Regimen A Little Push

By Melinda Fulmer November 2, 2013 You’re familiar with the push-up, but how about the push-away? It’s an unexpectedly effective way to work your core and shoulders and get your heart rate up, says fitness expert Lacey Stone, who uses it in her Extreme Bootcamp app for iPhone and iPad. What it does The movement engages your abdominal muscles to help you stabilize, and at the same time works your shoulders, chest and triceps. What to do Start in a pike position, with knees slightly bent and hands on the ground in a diamond shape with your elbows slightly bent and pointing out to the sides of the room. Bending your arms, lower to just above the ground and then, with your abs tucked in, push away from the floor until you’re hovering in a bent-over position with a flat back for a beat. Your weight should move back into your heels. Let gravity take you back down to the floor. Repeat the push-and-return movement. On your final repetition, walk your hands in and roll up one vertebra at a time. How much

My Fitness Pal app helps you take control of calories

Whether youre trying to get ahead of a little holiday weight gain or just interested in keeping better track of what youre eating, My Fitness Pal is an easy, yet robust app that should help you with your goals. It functions both as food diary and a source of advice though, of course, you should speak with your physician before you embark on any major change to your diet and lifestyle. Its fairly complete database of food means that you wont have to spend a lot of time hunting around for nutritional information to input on your own. And its data not only show you how many calories youve consumed (and burned) throughout the day, but also give you information on how youre doing on your intake of carbs, fat, protein and more. Users can also choose to share their progress with each other (because, sometimes, its not easy to go it alone).


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