‘Maintain, Don’t Gain’ – New program challenges weight loss messages and healthy dieting concepts

Lady Gaga ‘obsessed’ with dieting

One was enrolled into Duke’s Shape program, where they are given a health coach and a gym membership. The other group met with a doctor to discuss weight loss.

The songstress has been flaunting her skinnier frame in a range of outfits and promotional images as she gears up for the release of her upcoming third studio album ARTPOP. Gaga caused alarm when she showed off her super-slim body in V magazine recently, and insiders says those closest to the singer are concerned she is taking her weight loss too far. “She’s totally obsessed by dieting. She lost over 2-and-a-half stone since she had hip surgery. She’s known for loving the shock factor and thinks this attention is good for her career,” a source told British magazine Closer. “After her surgery she was put on bed rest and consulted a nutritionist on what foods would give her energy while she recovered. But she became obsessed with slimming. She’s been on an egg-only diet, a green-veg diet and a green-juice plan. Her nutritionist said she needs more variety, but Gaga didn’t listen.” Gaga’s family are said to be feeling anxious over the star’s weight loss and are keen to introduce other foods into her diet. “It’s so sad. Her mum hates her being so thin and has offered to make her organic home-made food that’s good for her body,” the source continued.

‘Yo-Yo’ Dieting Won’t Harm Long-Term Weight Loss Efforts

The weight cycling did not affect the women’s ability to successfully participate in diet or exercise programs, the study authors reported. Yo-yo dieting also did not affect the percentage of body fat and lean muscle mass gained or lost among the women, they noted. The researchers added that other factors — such as blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and blood concentrations of hormones that help make people feel full or regulate blood sugar levels — were also unaffected by yo-yo dieting, because they found no difference between the women who had these past fluctuations in their weight and those who didn’t. McTiernan’s team cautioned that obesity is a known risk factor for many cancers, as well as heart disease and diabetes . This is particularly worrisome because two-thirds of the U.S. population is currently overweight or obese. “We know there’s an association between obesity, sedentary behavior and increased risk of certain cancers,” McTiernan said in the news release.


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